BETTY BETTY is a communications consultancy led by attitude, delivering smart, connected and driven communications, with soul.

BETTY BETTY's clients will want an energetic and confident partner with the power and agency to deliver.

BETTY BETTY comes from good genes offering a youthful energy with the backing of wise counsel.

More coming in the New Year.  In the meantime, if you’d like to know more please call Gaylene 021705507.

If you’re looking for the GPS company you’ve gone off-road.
We’re not them!

TOMTOM will provide sound advice and counsel to BETTYBETTY’s team and will work one-on-one with key clients, drawing on TOMTOM’s 20+ years of experience, and being one of the first boutique communications consultancies established, trademarked and incorporated in 1998.  BETTY BETTY may be new to the market but is no shrinking violet when it comes to delivering brave and savvy communications.